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Lineup for “Luck”

20 Mar

We’ve got a great bunch of pieces for “Luck” tomorrow night!


– A reading from an excellent piece of nonfiction by Tobias Woolf

–¬†Earl Henrichon, a past favorite who loves to tell embarrasing stories about his teenage self, and who will be doing so again

– A piece by Josh Michtom about a small moment in the Department of Children and Families

– Kat Iacobucci muses on HBO

– Dick Ridington reads from his memoir, “Full Fathom”

– Heather Vincent writes about motherhood.


Amazingly, we’re at 100% nonfiction tomorrow– so if you’re thinking of tossing a fiction piece, poem, or song in there, please email me at

See you there & spread the word!

— Syllable Series


Deadline EXTENDED for Wednesday’s Reading

17 Mar

Hi everyone,

Still looking to flesh out our readings, so we’re extending the deadline for Wednesday’s event. The original deadline was today, Saturday 3/17– now you have until Monday, 3/20.¬†

Happy weekend writing!

— Syllable

Luck o’ the Writers

11 Mar

Yesterday was Hartford’s St. Patrick’s Day parade (joyfully outlined here by Syllable attendee Real Hartford). Though I’m not quite sure why the parade was a full week before the holiday, I hope that the folks who attended felt the luck o’ the revelers all morning.

Anyone want to share their ideas for this month’s reading? Hopefully you know by now that the theme is, indeed, luck. And hopefully you feel lucky enough about something to write about it! If not, there’s always fiction…

A friend of ours loves this song, so we’ll leave you with it.

We too feel lucky to have been where we have been.