Books, stories, literary magazines, and more writerly things that Syllable loves. This is merely a sample, and will be updated as we get more recommendations from our lovely audience members.

Latest recommendations from our FEAR audience:

Geek Love 

The Evolution of God

Everything is Illuminated

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle


The New York Review of Books, who publish books that have gone out of print (but shouldn’t have)

The Book of Ebeneezer La Page, a novel

The Lives of Others, the 2006 German movie about surveillance, writing, and morals.

Granta. Nobody does theme issues like they do.

McNally Jackson. Julia’s favorite bookstore.

Powell’s Books. Most people’s favorite bookstore. And, for all that is good and holy, if you must order a book online, do it here.

The Slate Culture Gabfest. This podcast is sometimes about books, sometimes not. Always excellent.

Got something you’d like to recommend? Email us at, or, better yet, come to a reading and tell us in person.


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