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Readers for August 5 Syllable Series

24 Jul

Sunday, August 5th

Little River Restoratives

7:00 pm



Tess Scriptunas is a writer and teacher. She has taught English at the primary level in Figeac, France and English and French at the secondary level in Hartford, Connecticut. Her work has appeared in Volume 1 Brooklyn and The Madison Journal of Literary Criticism.


Donna Fleischer writes in both free verse and Asian-derived forms. Her poems appear in worldwide journals and anthologies, including aglimpseof, Kō, Marsh Hawk Press Review, Modern Haiku, #Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology, On Barcelona, Otata, Otoliths,, Peace Is  a Haiku Song, Solitary Plover, Spiral Orb, and TRUCK. “< Periodic Earth >” from Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press is her fourth chapbook. Donna  posts on poetry, anti-poetry, permaculture, Feminism, and activist environmentalism at her blog, word pond.
Danielle Bonanno is a Brooklyn based screenwriter & poet, who originally hails from the Hartford region. She’s a Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts alum who loves her home city and its arts community! Danielle was part of the Emmy-Award winning writing and producing team behind The Cobblestone Corridor, which originally appeared on CPTV, but is now being shown nationally on PBS/ Her writing has also been produced by The Shrill Collective (NYC) and published by Milk magazine. She’s currently working in collaboration with New York based dancer, Mackian Bauman, on a poetry and movement production entitled “10 Seconds.” Danielle holds an art history degree from Loyola University Maryland.  Along with her writing, Danielle is an actor, disco witch, lover of cheap beer, Baltimore aficionado, and mother of Bruce the cat.
Andrew Altamirano is a freelance writer from Connecticut. He specializes in all types of writing such as: poetry, screen writing, and short stories. His writing style is most notably known for being dark, satirical, and quirky. You can find a collection of his most up to date poems in his first chapbook entitled ‘The Little Beautiful Dark Book’.
alexandria hicks, more commonly known as allie, is a 21 year old poet. she is from east hartford, living in east hartford. allie joined uconn’s poetic release in 2014, and was a member of their performance crew in spring 2015. since leaving uconn, allie has been an active member of the hartford community. she mostly posts her poetry online via instagram, but is working on creating a facebook page.
Music this month provided by “Lake Geneva”!