Lineup for “Luck”

20 Mar

We’ve got a great bunch of pieces for “Luck” tomorrow night!


– A reading from an excellent piece of nonfiction by Tobias Woolf

– Earl Henrichon, a past favorite who loves to tell embarrasing stories about his teenage self, and who will be doing so again

– A piece by Josh Michtom about a small moment in the Department of Children and Families

– Kat Iacobucci muses on HBO

– Dick Ridington reads from his memoir, “Full Fathom”

– Heather Vincent writes about motherhood.


Amazingly, we’re at 100% nonfiction tomorrow– so if you’re thinking of tossing a fiction piece, poem, or song in there, please email me at

See you there & spread the word!

— Syllable Series


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