Readers for May 6th Syllable Series at Little River Restoratives

3 May


Sasha Debevec-McKenney was born in Hartford and attended the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. She is a graduate of Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin, and will be the Rona Jaffe Graduate Fellow in Creative Writing at NYU this fall.


A Chicago native who was raised in Hartford, CT., Zulynette is an alchemist. As a full-time artist, she does it all – performances, workshop facilitation, mentoring, commissioned work, and producing and directing one-of-a-kind storytelling shows. As a creative change agent, she uses art, poetry, a research background and her MSW as social work tools to inspire others to heal and empower themselves.


Catherine Blinder has written for the Minneapolis Star Tribune (where in addition to the stuff that no one read, she judged children’s crossword puzzles), The Aspen Times, the Greenfield Recorder, the Northampton Gazette, OpEds for the Hartford Courant, and what used to be called the Hog River Journal and is now called something boring, and lots of defunct political magazines. In addition, she was a regular contributor to Northeast Magazine, where among other things, she wrote about commune kids, shooting off fireworks with George Plimpton at Susanna Styron’s wedding, working on Hunter S. Thompson’s first political campaign, running into Julia Child while promoting tofu in Cambridge, young feminists, the sad decline of customer service and anything else they would pay her for.
Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 11.47.14 PM

Geeno Maurice Gordon is a product of Hartford Connecticut, born and raised in Westbrook Village in Hartford’s Northend.  He has worked and lived in Hartford for over 30 years. He currently resides in West Hartford.  He is the proud father of two children daughter EmmiSoleil Niah Gordon who is 8 and son Yannick Noah Gordon who just turned 14.  He considers himself a closeted poet who only recently began sharing his work. Among his family he’d always been asked to write inspirational poems for family members who have passed away. It was from their encouragement he was inspired to share his work with a broader audience.


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