What’s your favorite beast?

10 Dec

Whenever I think of the word “Beast,” the image of the Harpy from “The Last Unicorn” pops into my head.

Probably because it’s the scariest creature I saw on film when I was a child (well, her and the two rats from “Lady and the Tramp.”)


How about you? What pops to mind when you hear “beast”? And is that what you’re writing about for our reading  series on Wednesday, December 19th at La Paloma Sabanera?

Or, are you just coming to listen, and add all sorts of creatures to your list for dreams, nightmares, and inspirations?


— Syllable

One Response to “What’s your favorite beast?”

  1. Jim Condren December 13, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

    It aint what pops into my mind, its the bestiary that occupies the gray matter 24/7. Or we could look at it this way, living in the belly of the beast can provoke any reasonable citizen to rage against the machine and vice versa, that is, live in the belly of the machine and rage like a beast. I tell you, this shit writes itself.
    If you have a slot I’ll take it. I’ll keep it at two or three pages. If I go over, sound the gong. Or light up the bong.

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