Labor of Love

15 May

On Wednesday, May 16th (commonly known as “tomorrow”) at 7 pm, we embark on part 4 of our Spring series of L-words. Love, Light, and Luck were all wildly successful– now it’s time for Labor.

We were all born, and we all work in one way or another. From moguls to moms, every job has its challenges and rewards and struggles. We’ll hear about a few with this fantastic lineup.

Some of our esteemed readers are:

Helder Mira, filmmaker

Julie Beman, songwriter and poet

Uniel Critchley, poet

Tianna Glass, humorist & blogger

Greg Ludovici, pro actor

Yurah Robidas, French teacher

Dick Ridington, excellent writer

Heather Brandon, Hartford celebrity and so much more

Kim Connolly, first-time attendee

Lucy Ferriss, another first-timer!


Come and see what everyone has to say about Labor and the way it’s helped, hurt, and healed us.


— Syllable Series

Wednesday May 16th

7 pm

$5 suggested donation


PS At this event, we’ll announce our summer dates and themes! Don’t miss it!


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