Big book season

1 Dec

Hoo, boy, this is big book season. Some of the ones I scoped on my latest trip to my favorite independent bookstore were:

A Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides (author of Middlesex and The Virgin Suicides)

Blue Nights by Joan Didion (one of my favorite writers ever)

Life Itself by Roger Ebert (you know who this guy is)

However, the books I actually ended up buying fit squarely into our upcoming Fantasy theme for our next syllable. I bought this instantaneously:

And then this:

which I’m a little bit embarrassed about (that cover is cheese-tastic), but every time it gets colder, I turn to fantasy and science fiction.

Why is this? Well, usually I’ve come off a period of lots of activities that leave very little time to read. The minute things start slowing down, I desperately want to read my face off. My only desire is to binge on plot, characters, and escapism. I read these books very fast– averaging about 150 pages a day– and I enjoy being a part of the cultural conversation around popular novels. So I just knock ’em down, one after the other.

In the summer, I read very seriously. But winter is for silliness and fantasy.

What’s your seasonal reading schedule? Leave it in the comments!

…. and please don’t forget to submit for this month’s theme, “Fantasy.” That does not have to mean the fantasy genre, but it can. Surprise me.

— Julia

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