Fear and Poetry in La Paloma

31 Oct

Thank you to everyone who read at this week’s Syllable. The reading series is growing in just the way I’d hoped: an exciting mix of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and general gabbing about books. We learned what a real geek is, and that if you’d like to know the answer you should read Katherine Dunn’s amazing novel Geek Love. We meditate

d on the thoughts that rollerblading in graveyards, asking friends on dates, and aging are terrifying. And black cats are eternally untrustworthy (thanks for that one, Poe).

All in all, we got some good old fashioned Halloween fun in before this snowstorm.

Last but not least: one of our readers asked if he could read a passage aloud from Anne of Ingleside, one of the latervolumes of Anne of Green Gables.  The reading was fantastic, I might add, and I think we’ll allow passages from famous books every now and again.

Next month the theme is family. Please interpret that however you wish. Family

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