Lineup for the Launch!

14 Sep

Hello, Syllable citizens!

Here is our official order of events for Saturday’s Event. (2:00 PM, La Paloma Sabanera in Hartford, suggested donation $5.)


Official Welcome to Syllable!

“Each Christmas We Trekked To Aunt Irene’s” by Jeffrey Schaefer

“Why Macrobiotics?” by Susannah Hodgendorn

“An Open Letter to the Kumquat Industry” by David Ryan Polgar

“Mint Condition” by Dan Russell

“Lobster” by Julia Pistell

Closing Ceremonies: A Cupcake Eating Contest


Rules of this completely ridiculous contest:

Four entrants and three judges will be randomly selected from audience volunteers. Each entrant will get a single La Paloma cupcake to eat. Points will be awarded for grace, elegance, and coolness. The winner gets a book!

Then, we will all hang out and have cupcakes and iced coffees from La Paloma. We will talk about books, reading, writing, and more.

See you there!

— Julia







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